The Lawtina Guest Writer Program (GWP)

So excited to see you are checking out GWP!

Want to be part of a big movement? Give back to the community? Join the platform thousands are checking out and talking about? Join us. We are change makers, advocates, & mentors. 

The GWP is a group of volunteer writers who help our community grow through their experiences and knowledge. 

The topics for GWP are vast, and ultimately your decision on what you would like to share with us. We ask our GWP writers to think of the top three most important topics, issues, or experiences they want to share with Latinx reading our blog.

We have Latinx readers from all walks of life, from those in law school, attorneys, higher ed professionals, fashion lovers, & more.


To apply, send us an email at telling us your summary background, the three topics you are interested in writing about, and why these are important to you. Title this email "GWP: Applicant 'YOUR NAME'


We will then get back to you on the topic we've selected. Remember, there are others also submitting topics & we try not to overlap, but there are some exceptions.


Thereafter, we discuss a due date with you so we can begin advertising the blog post, sharing insights with our email subscribers, and preparing for the big release of your blog. We will also ask for a picture of you, and will provide the short summary you provide for others to know about the author. Once publish, you'll be officially a part of the GWP history! 



We hope you will consider this opportunity, because you will impact so many lives excited to learn from you. 

You can also click on the box below to submit your ideas, and enter to be a part of GWP.