How Does Shipping Work?

We don't like to pay shipping as a customer, so we get it. We decided to make our store free standard shipping. All our items are processed within 2-3 days, made-to-order and shipped 3-4 days after that, and will arrive to you once shipped within 3--5 business days. Your item will arrive between 5-8 business days. If an item does not arrive after 8 business days, please email us to check on your order status. You will get an updated email once you order is placed and shipped so you can keep track of your order. 

If you decide to pay for expedited shipping, you may get the item within the same time frame as standard shipping.

We cannot guarantee arrival dates, nor are we responsible for any delays. For the holiday season, we will post a shipping chart to make it easier for you to see when your items should be ordered to arrive on time. 

What is your return policy?

All sales are final. Each item is made-to-order, therefore we cannot take back an item if you change your mind. We provide a size chart and detailed description in all our items. So, please make sure you order the right sizes.

What if (on the very rare occasion) something arrives damage?

You must notify us by email within 7 days of item arrival. You will need to provide pictures and documentation of misprint/damage. 

What if I put in the wrong address?

If you notice you put in the wrong address, email us within 7 hours to update your address. If it's past the 7 hour window, we cannot change it. 

If the item was delivered to the address you incorrectly put on the order, the item may be returned to our shipping facility. If we receive it back, we will contact you to update your address. 

What if my item was lost or stolen?

If your package was delivered but you cannot find it, please make sure to check around your area and with neighbors first. Contact your local post office and wait for a reply to see where your package was delivered. If your package was stolen, we cannot provide a solution for you. 

If your package was lost and confirmed by the post office, we will verify your address and we will be happy to send you a replacement order within 7 days of your lost item's delivery date expectancy by the post office. 

We are not held responsible for lost or stolen items. Once an item is delivered to your address, we cannot be held responsible for a lost or stolen delivery. 



Why do you only take 10-20 students a month?

Because we want to provide quality services and do not seek to make a large profit. We want to serve our Latino community. This way, students receive dedicated attention to their career or academic needs. 

Why do you charge $30 or less per hour?

Our mission is to serve the Latino community, not make money off our people. The $30 or less fee covers the time spent editing/reviewing documents before the appointment, preparing for the appointment, printing costs, possible local travel, and time spent answering questions or revising documents after the appointment. 

Why do you charge less than other places?

Most editors or tutors charge $80, $100, $198 and up per hour. We keep our prices low because the majority of our Latinx community is not able to afford higher costs. Our mission is to help more Latinx have quality services at a price we can afford as a community. We want our Latinx community to thrive and represent in colleges, universities, and law school! 

Are there more than one tutor?

At this time, Lawtina has only one tutor. Because we are a new company and are seeking to grow-- our own Cindy Petrov is providing these services. We hope to soon add/hire more individuals to provide services for a larger group of individuals. 

What experience/credentials qualifies Cindy to provide these services?

Cindy earned her B.A in English degree from an American university. She has been editing resumes and admissions letters for over 10 years for many students on a volunteer basis and as part of her editing jobs in college. Additionally, she helped law students learn in law school, and successfully graduated from law school. Cindy has been an influence in her community through education and leadership and will continue to better learn to serve her community. 

If I hire you, will I get into my dream school?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will. We cannot guarantee that you will be admitted, but we can guarantee that we will work our very best to help you reach your goals and in turn, we ask the same from students receiving these services to make their personal statements the best. 

I can afford only an hour, or I have very few questions/feel comfortable with my resume/personal statement, or I rather hire per hour-- what do I do?

Please email us at OfficialLawtina@gmail.com with the title-- a La Carte Services and we will be in contact with you on how to receive these services. 


 I received my order confirmation but it does not say when my order will arrive? We will send you an email once your order ships. Please see our "Shipping Policy" for details and delivery time frames. 

I have a design in mind, can you make it for me?

We love to hear about brand new ideas! We'd love to hear yours. Please email us at OfficiaLawtina@gmail.com. However, know that we do not provide royalties to these voluntary submissions. See our "Terms and Conditions." 

I have not received my order, and it's been more than 12 days-- what do I do? If you do not receive any notifications or your item(s) after 17 days, we ask that you reach out to us at Contact@LawtinaJD.Com so we can look into your case. See our "Shipping Policy" for any other merchandise concern. 



I want to be a Featured Lawtinx, what do I do?

Email us at LawtinaStories@gmail.com with a biography summary of 200 words or more, and the best professional photo of you! Please see our "Terms and Conditions," as all submissions release us the right to use your story/photo for social media and website posting. 

I want to write an article, story, or share a tips section on your Lawtina Blog-- can I submit my work?

Yes! You are welcome to submit any of the above. However, know that by providing these we are free to use them on our website or social media, and do not provide royalties or money to you. Please see our "Terms and Conditions" section for any submissions. 

I am looking for a Lawtinx Mentor-- are you providing any mentorship programs? Not yet, but stay tuned for more developments!