Covid-19 Shipping Update 04.22.2020

We are trying our best to work with our third-party providers while maintaining safe precautions to COVID-19. Our partners are ethically taking measures to protect the safety of their staff and facilities.

We are, however, experiencing some delays. We appreciate your patience and support.

The fulfillment estimate is the time your printed item leaves our third-party’s facility, and does not include arrival time.

Example: (fulfillment time + shipping time= estimated arrival) a mug order may take 11-16 days to arrive to you.

Moreover, please note that if one or more items arrive with one or more items missing-- do not worry. We will send you all items in your order, but they may be arriving separately as some may finish printing before others. We usually send a note with your package letting you know what items arrived and what number of items arrived. 

Fulfillment estimate (does not include delivery time)

Printed apparel (clothing) i.e. shirts, hoodies, etc.

13-16 business days

Accessories i.e. bags, phone cases, jewelry, socks.

3-6 business days

Home & Living i.e. stickers, pillow cases, wall art.

3-6 business days


6-9 business days

Regular shipping time: 5-7 business days after fulfillment.

For express delivery, time it is 3-5 business days after fulfillment.

Thank you for your support and your patience. We love our customers, and will do our best to make sure you’re updated in case of any future news regarding our current COVID-19 situation.