Protesters Resources- Pro-bono attorneys

Here at Official Lawtina, we care about our community. This community includes black and Afrolatinx brothers and sisters. We want to thank all the attorneys and community members who sent us information. 

Thousands of protesters are exercising their 1st Amendment rights to show solidarity with George Floyd. Because of this, we asked our community attorneys to let us know if they are able to take pro-bono cases. 

Below is a list of attorneys who may be able to take on pro-bono cases during this time. Please share this list, and if you are an attorney- please email us to become a part of the list with the title "Pro-bono listing." 

DC and Virginia: 

Elizabeth M. Briones- Contact information: 202.274.2937. Elisabeth Briones is offering pro-bono representation to anyone arrested in DC or Virginia. 

Dallas Texas: 

Amanda Gallegos- Contact information: 469.791.0461 ext. 1561. 12700 Hillcrest Road, Suite 125 Dallas Texas, 75230. Amanda Gallegos is offering pro-bono in Dallas, Texas. 

Miami, Florida: 

Gabrila Teresa "Gigi" Gonzalez- Contact information 786.326.9454. 12905 Bird Road, #204, Miami, Florda. 

Hainesport, New Jersey: 

Brenda Maneri- contact information: (609) 267.1101.1487 Route 38 West Hainesport, New Jersey, 08036. Email: 

Brenda Maneri is is a former prosecutor and been doing criminal defrense work for 20 years. She mainly works in South Jersey (Camden, Burlington, Mercer, Atlantic counties). 

Palm Beach County Florida: 

Karen Velez- contact information: 561.542.6342. Palm Beach County, Florida. 

Karen Velez has been a lawyer since 2005. She is able to offer pro-bono legal representtion to those arrested during the George Floyd protests. She is former Public Defender, speaks Spanish, and is able to represents in Palm Beach County, Florida. 

Other resources we have received or found online: 

New York: 

Rosas and Cirigliano: website address- They are offering pro-bono services to peaceful protesters who are arrested or summoned in Richmond, Kings, New York, Mercer, Monmouth, or Middlesex Counties. 718.301.6855.

Miami Florida: 

Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers 786.759.0992. Call the to find a Miami attorney if the court denies you a public defender. 

 Chicago, IL:

Cook County Public Defender 844.817.448.

First Defense Legal Aid: