Our Founder’s Birthday!

Today is my 30th birthday- believe it or not. I still can’t believe it! I could say time flew by but honestly through everything I’ve been through and crushed— I know it has been 30 years.


You may not know me in person, or know to follow my public figure handle (@CindyPetrovAlfaro)— but you know me as the person behind replying and doing all @OfficialLawtina things.


I work really hard, and I love my community so much! I’ve always been a woman of action, and a BIG dreamer— without a plan, you can’t accomplish anything. Even if people think your ideas are crazy- no one “normal” became anything great. That being said, I ask three things of you today:


  1. When you get your day going, stop to look at yourself and dare to say “I am incredible” then give yourself a wink because self love is the only opinion that matters. 😉 #GorditaYQue
  2. Donate to your favorite charity- did you know that giving just 10% of your income means we could all change the world? Our immigrants community need help every day. This birthday I’m raising funds for @RaicesTexas. Not only will you make a contribution, but you will actually impact a human life. You can go directly to their website or visit my IG handle to click on the Facebook Birthday link in my bio.
  3. Tell 5 people in your life about LawtinaJD.com and why our mission matters. Being the only Salvadoran on TPS in law school was hard (even harder getting there) but my dream is to hear and see many students on TPS/DACA or First Gen excelling in their academics and careers while uplifting our community.
  4. Ok, maybe I ask for a fourth thing—- Subscribe to LawtinaJD.com’s newsletter because this coming year is going to be a good one.

Thank YOU for being a follower. THANK YOU for believing in Lawtina LLC. Thank you for sharing your stories and being my motivation every day ❤️⚖️


Keep thriving mi gente. Much love,


Cindy Petrov Alfaro, J.D.