Featured Lawtina: Nadya Maldonado, Esq.


Nadya Maldonado is Mexican-America and she grew up along the border of Texas and Mexico. She stems from parents who were child migrant farm workers and who instilled her with a mighty work ethic. Nadya is the Principal Attorney at the Maldonado Law Firm, PLLC that she founded in 2015 in Washington, D.C. She is licensed to practice law in Washington, D.C. and Maryland and her practice area is focused on protecting the rights of those who have been injured in various accidents such as Uber or Lyft accidents, pedestrian, bike/scooter accidents or similar scenarios. She has deemed herself the Rideshare Attorney and has the instagram handle (@rideshare_attorney) to prove it!

In the past she has represented small businesses, many were Spanish-speaking Latino owners, who were in need of legal services. She has also dedicated her time to representing immigrants that were facing the ever-growing abuses and obstacles from our broken immigration system. 

When asked what kind of advice she would give to her younger self she stated, "I would tell my younger self to ask for help, more often", and went on to explain, "I entered law school at the young age of 23 and was intimidated by all the new experiences associated with being a law student in our nation's capitol." She continued, "for instance, the immense pressure to get good grades, the culture-shock, the competitive nature of the students, the difficulty of the legal subject matter I was asked to learn, were all unfamiliar experiences that stressed me out, made me fearful of failure, and less apt to ask for help." She explained, "I didn't realize that I was no different, no less able than my colleagues to tackle the tasks in front of me and to take the unfamiliar experiences in stride. Having a sense of belonging versus viewing myself as an outsider, I believe, would have made it easier and less shameful for me to ask for help sooner." She explained that, "to depend on your colleauges and community can provide an added quality and comfort through a tough up-hill battle such as law school or any type of higher educational experience." She stated, "This realization has heightened my experience in practicing law in the D.C. area and has taken me further than if I had tried to do it completely alone.  For instance, last year I was awarded Prospanica DC's 40 Under 40 for my commitment to professional excellence and contributions to the Latino community. I was so honored to be recognized by my colleauges, which is something that is not likely to happen if you do not speak up and form relationships with your community, including asking them for help if necessary."

Ms. Maldonado is proud to be part of the less than 2% of Latinas who are American lawyers and she will continue to work hard to strengthen her community.