Featured Lawtina: Yvette Borja a.k.a Founder of Radio Cachimbona

You've most likely heard of her, and if you haven't go hear her podcast! Her story is raw and empowering. Here is a part of Yvette Borja's story behind her mission and passion. 

"When I was in high school, my parents received a 30-day foreclosure notice on their house. Wells Fargo had given my parents a predatory mortgage loan that had become more expensive to pay than what the house was actually worth. I remember feeling so powerless to help my parents but also feeling re-motivated to go to college and educate myself so that I could prevent my parents from being taken advantage of again. It feels super empowering to have graduated, passed the bar and have an understanding of the law and a network that I can use to prevent such a thing from ever happening again. 

While in law school, I became passionate about defending immigrants facing deportation after visiting two of the country's worst detention centers in Georgia and Alabama. My parents had sought asylum in the more immigrant-friendly courts of San Francisco and realizing how a choice as arbitrary as to where you have family present and where you decide to settle can impact the outcome of an immigration case drastically. For the past 9 months, I have been at the Southern Arizona / Mexico border and witnessed countless injustices that are specific to the border and the culture/ legal practice/ judges here. It feels super empowering to have graduated, passed the bar and have an understanding of the law and a network that I can use both to prevent such a financial crisis from ever happening again to my family again and also to defend immigrants who want to reunite with family members.  
For anyone studying for the bar, I would recommend reminding yourself of all the tests you had to pass/do well on in order to be in the position to study for the bar. The bar is in many ways a mental game of confidence so if you can secure that for yourself early, you'll be in good shape. Don't be discouraged if you don't pass the first time. I didn't pass the first time and then ended up testing better than 70% of UBE test takers nationwide on the following February bar. So many amazing people don't pass the first time including folks like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. Get your confidence up, get your endurance up, and create a workable study schedule that you stick to. 
I started Radio Cachimbona because I am bearing witness to injustices that the mainstream media doesn't devote enough time to- due process violations in immigration court, people dying in detention centers, Operation Streamline, the No More Deaths trials-- and want to shed light on the inspiring resistance occurring in Southern Arizona. As the daughter of Salvadoran immigrants, I also hope to capture the experiences of Central Americans living and thriving in these borderlands."
Thank you for all you do to bring awareness and change! For many, you are an Orgullo Salvadoreno and Latina!