Featured Lawtina: Yaratzed Hernandez

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Yaratzed! We loved reading and learning from you. We wish you all the very best! 

Yaratzed is a law student at Golden Gate University School of Law and ispected to graduate in 2021. We look forward to your graduation and everything great you'll be doing in our community! 

"My name is Yaratzed Hernandez, I am a first-generation Mexican American woman seeking my law degree at Golden Gate University, School of Law. As a first-generation, I had to guide myself through community college, university, and law school applications. Although I had to do a lot on my own, I had many mentors that helped me through those processes. With the help from those mentors and supporters, I have graduated with honors from community college and university. I want to get my law degree and focus on Family Law. My personal goal is to help domestic violence survivors and children from those families. I would tell the younger version of myself to set higher goals and believe that I can accomplish them. I would also tell myself to bring my own chair to the table that I deserve to be in. I know that I can accomplish the goals that I set for myself because not only do I believe in those dreams, but I have many people to lean on. I would not be able to accomplish these goals without the help and support of my family and friends that might not fully understand what I am achieving but still support me either way. As a first-generation student, it is my duty to open the paths for future generations that will come after me. It is also my obligation to tell the next brown woman that reaching for the stars is not as crazy as it seems."