Featured Lawtina: Victoria Velazquez Walker

Meet Victoria Velazquez Walker. She is an immigration attorney, Lawtina, and Buffalo, NY native. She served in the New York State Army National Guard. She attended a performing arts school where she was a dance major (Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts). She attended the school from the 6-12 grade. When she started law school she was working full time and taking classes at night. 


Victoria owns the Law Office of Victoria Velazquez Walker, PLLC and is located in Charlotte, NC. In addition to owning her own firm, she is launching he Boss Babe website  www.viccsworld.com (relaunching soon, not operational at the moment). Social media: IG @viccsworld 


Victoria shared with LawtinaJD.com how her personal story lead her to become an attorney, and we are loving it! Thank you so much for sharing this personal and empowering narrative. Keep thriving! 


“Some mornings while I’m taking a final glance at myself, all dressed up in a suit, I smile and sometimes even speak. I speak to younger Victoria. I tell her we did it; we really did it! I always dreamed of being an attorney. As far as I can remember, I always wanted to be an attorney. As children our aspirations lack reasoning. You can ask a child what she wants to be when she grows up, but she will likely have a problem explaining why. This is true for myself. I cannot tell you why, as a child, I wanted to be an attorney. What I can tell you is my childhood and life experiences provided meaning to my aspiration; life intensified my desire and resolve to become an attorney.

I did not grow up in the poorest community. My community was a mixture of families who had very little, families who had little and families that made just enough to get by, with some assistance. It is in this community where I witnessed how the legal system discriminates against the poor and minorities. As a child I knew then, what some non-minorities are finally realizing today, that our legal system is unfair, unjust, unkind and discriminatory. Growing up I witnessed the indiscriminate treatment of members of my community. These experiences provided meaning to my dream of becoming an attorney. But more importantly, these experiences intensified my resolve by teaching me a vitally important lesson. Through these experiences I learned not only does our legal system lack minorities, but it lacks minorities who were raised in the SAME communities that are routinely treated unfair. I knew as a child the legal system needed attorneys who understand poor communities, who understand what life is like in these communities all around America. After all, what good is representation without understanding?

My journey to becoming an attorney was an atypical one. It was filled with hills, roadblocks and what seemed, at times, like mountains. But through everything I never gave up and always remembered the lessons I learned as a child. Today, I choose to use my career to inspire and uplift others. I accomplish this through my work as an immigration and business attorney.

As an Immigration attorney I help some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. With the discriminatory nature of the Trump administration, this work is of the upmost importance. Many clients come into my office fearful and desperate for help. I genuinely care for the wellbeing of each of my clients and do everything possible to put them into a position where they no longer have to be fearful. This has been some of the most rewarding work I’ve done. I am located in Charlotte, NC and assist immigration clients outside the Charlotte area through my virtual law office.


With my Boss Babe initiative I seek to empower women through career and financial independence. Boss Babe encourages women to discover, step into and monetize their purpose. It inspires women to love what they do and reaffirms the notion that career and business opportunities should exist only to satisfy our purpose (AKA love and passion). Lastly, it reminds women to be fearless in pursuit of their goals and instills in women the principle of hard work. As an attorney, I assist women with putting their business ideas into action by forming legal entities and protecting their brand with trademarks, servicemarks, etc. To be part of the Boss Babe community visit Instagram @viccsworld. My Boss Babe website will launch next month. On the website you will be able to download the Boss Babe Business Book for free and access other business resources.


Lastly, I would like to pass on a lesson to all the minority lawyers who succeed me.  If you are a minority and raised in a community similar to the one I grew up in, then I STRONGLY urge each and every one of you to think about becoming a prosecutor. Prosecutors hold immense power in the legal system. To truly change our criminal justice system it needs minority prosecutors who understand poor and underprivileged communities.”


To follow Vic on social media: Instagram @vwalkerlaw.