Featured Lawtina: Sharon Jaquez

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Sharon! Keep thriving hermana! 
“My name is Sharon and I am a rising 2L at Boston University School of Law. I am originally from New Jersey and the proud daughter of Colombian and Dominican immigrants. Prior to law school, I graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Health Science and a minor in Law and public policy. As a first generation college and law student, I am very grateful for the sacrifices that my parents have made to give me the best education they could. 
At BU Law, I am marketing director for our Latin American Law Student Association and founding secretary for the BU Law Women of Color Collaborative. I was very fortunate to find incredible mentors during 1L and am passionate about mentoring and fostering a supportive community for first generation students at students of color at BU.
If I could give my younger self and any future Lawtinx one piece of advice, it would be to never sell yourself short or count yourself out. There have been so many times throughout the law school application and job search process where I have felt like I was not good enough to achieve my goals. Even when I achieved them, I felt like it was a mistake or that I did not really deserve to be in this space. Impostor syndrome is real, and doesn't really go away, but remember that you are good enough, and you belong here. This space may not have been built with you in mind, but believe me, you are not alone. Pa'lante!”