Featured Lawtina: Nubia Willman from Latinas Uprising

Nubia is a Hoosier-raised, Chicago-living, Mexican/Panamanian, total millennial, cat obsessed, legal aid attorney.

As an undergrad, she became passionate about social, racial, and gender-based justice. Nubia realized that by becoming an attorney, she could advocate for progressive change. Immediately after college graduation, she moved to Chicago to start law school. She is a practicing attorney and for the last nine years she has primarily represented survivors of gendered-based violence a the largest legal aid in the city. She also trains law enforcement agents, health care providers, and other professionals on working with immigrant survivors.

In 2014, she created Latinas Uprising (LatinasUprising.com) because she struggled through law school and wanted to help other women experiencing similar struggles. In law school, Nubia often felt out of place, unprepared, and questioned whether she could really achieve her life-long goal of being an attorney. It wasn’t until after law school that she realized many of those experiences and feelings had less to do with her and more to do with systemic oppression and implicit bias that impacts all of our educational and professional careers. Her goal with Latinas Uprising is to expose those barriers and provide new & aspiring attorneys the tools to recognize and overcome them.