Featured Lawtina: Linda J. Llerena

Linda J. Llerena, Esq. was born in Cuba and raised in Venezuela and later relocated to Miami. Linda is summa cum laude 2014 graduate of the Nova Southeastern University School of Law. She is admitted to practice in Florida and the Southern District of Florida federal court. During law school, she served as an associate editor and then as the subscription editors for the Nova Law Review.  She practiced commercial litigation for a few years and then relocated to the west coast of Florida where she currently provides legal representation for victims of domestic violence assisting them in obtaining an order of protection(especially the Latino Community). She also serves as adjunct faculty for the law school helping students with preparation for the Florida Bar.  Linda enjoys writing about controversial issues affecting society and has had two of her articles published in law journals and has had various media appearances, including a television interview in Spanish regarding collection cases.  She is currently working in getting certified as a Florida Circuit Civil Mediator so she can help parties resolve cases without spending time and money in litigation. 

What she would tell her younger self is, "to go out there and network. I think it makes all the difference in the world, opens doors, and it will help you learn something from everyone you meet."