Featured Lawtina: Laura Zuniga-Huizar

Despite the obstacles the world may throw at us, seeing Lawtinas thriving and shinning is incredible. It is truly admirable to Lawtina moms achieving their goals and dreams! Thank you for sharing your story, Laura! You are an inspiration and a role-model! 

"I am first generation U.S.born, and first college graduate in my family. I grew up with Spanish as my first language and schooling was difficult given my parents' inability to guide us; even though they whole heartily wanted to. It took a lot from my parents, but they supported me in everything despite the language barrier. They were at every parent-teacher conference and every school function. They constantly pushed me and my sisters. Through their moral support and encouragement, I went to graduate high school in 2009 and went on to attend college at the University of California of Santa Barbara. Amongst the preparation of moving away to college, I discovered I was expecting at 17 years old. I felt my world had come to a halt and I felt that my dream job as a Public Defender was unobtainable. While at UCSB I did my research and worked hard as a single mother determined to attend law school and show my son that If there is a will there is a way and that despite being a single mother and a woman of color, I would make it out. I gave birth to my son in the third quarter of my freshman year at age 18. I worked, went to school full time, and went on to graduate with my class in June 2013 with Bachelors in Sociology, Spanish, and a minor in History. Thereafter, my son and I moved to San Diego where I attended Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Law school was an adjustment. I struggled and it was not pretty. But yet again we made it out, and I was blessed to find my better half, who took my son under his wing and helped me finish out law school in December 2016. I took the bar after being told that I was not likely to pass because I was a minority, a woman, English is not my first language, and well because as a parent my attention was split. I went on to prove that individual wrong and all those who thought I was way over my head and passed the last three day in California and was licensed as an attorney at 25 yrs old. The path was not easy but it was well worth it! I landed my childhood dream job as a Public Defender in the city that my husband and son made a home. I now volunteer at juvenile hall hoping to be a mentor or guidance to other children. Last year I mentored a group of students at a local high school teaching them the path to becoming an attorney and the endless possibilities of their future. I love working with youth and giving back to the community that has given me so much. I aspire to one day sit on the bench and to continue working with youth."