Featured Lawtina: Jennifer M. Henriquez

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your amazing accomplishments and part of your story! We are cheering you on the bar exam! See you soon futura abogada! 

Jennifer M. Henriquez received her J.D. from New York Law School this spring, focusing her studies in business and financial services law. During her 3L year, she gained invaluable experience at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, where she worked as a legal honors intern. At the SEC, Jennifer fell in love with securities law. She also served as President of the Latin American Law Students Association at New York Law School. Jennifer actively participates in MetroLALSA, a coalition of students from the thirteen metropolitan area law schools. Members of MetroLALSA are committed to the advancement of Latino students in the legal profession and each year host a conference to empower and unify the Latino legal community.  She is passionate about helping other Latinos and first-generation law students succeed in law school.

 “As I prepare to take the bar exam in July, I am filled with so much emotion and pride. I, like many of you, worked very hard to arrive at this point in my life. From countless late nights, to sacrificing time with family and friends, to working through moments of self-doubt. I believe my strong perseverance comes from my parents. Both immigrated at a young age to the United States from the Dominican Republic. My circumstances were such that my father raised us on his own. He took whatever job he could to make sure we had what we needed. He worked in factories cutting patterns and drove livery cabs. He always pushed me to work toward a good education. As a Latina and aspiring abogada, I truly believe that education translates to opportunity for ourselves and for our communities. I am a first generation college graduate and will be the first attorney in my family. And so after nearly 20 years of education, I can finally say that I’m officially Jennifer M. Henriquez, J.D.

Remember that you belong here, and to cast those doubts aside. Our voice is so important. You can bring about change in the world, even if it’s simply by serving as inspiration to someone who hears your story and finds something in common with you. There is power in that.”