Featured Lawtina: Gabriela Teresa "Gigi" Gonzalez

Gabriela Teresa "Gigi" Gonzalez is located in Miami, Florida. She is a first-generation Cuban-American! She completed her undergrad degree from Florida International University in Digital Media Journalism in April 2014, and earned her Juris Doctorate from Florida A&M University College of Law in May 2017. She shared her accomplishments with us here at LawtinaJD.Com. 
"After passing the Florida Bar April 2018, I deviated from the norm and decided to open up my own criminal defense practice to learn and earn alongside my "CoCounselMentorFather" who is also a practicing criminal defense lawyer.  I've learned many lessons along the way-- how to run a business, how to be a fierce advocate, how to earn clients and results, and everything in between. All of these lessons have shown me the value and importance of being true to yourself always.  Being a latinx, being a woman, being a Latina lawyer is a powerful thing to be, though often times it doesn't feel that way.  The action I would encourage all latinx's to take is to not fit yourself into a mold of what you've been told a lawyer looks like all your life.  Instead, be the lawyer the people you grew up with all your life could trust and relate to.  Our communities need us to be our authentic selves so that they know that they are being served by one of their own.  This bravery and authenticity has allowed me to earn excellent results por mi gente.  It's also granted me the ability to express myself creatively through my legal instagram blog @GIGI.the.KID, which also generates joy and income for my practice."
Congratulations in all your accomplishments, Gigi! Keep thriving!