Featured Lawtina: Cristina Pineda

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Cristina Pineda is a recent graduate from Southwestern Law School. Born and raised in Los Angeles,  she is a proud first generation student born to a Salvadoran mother and Mexican father. 
She obtained her BA from UC Santa Barbara where she became more involved in organizing and more proactive in her community. 
Her family and community experiences with law enforcement and the prison industrial complex led her to law school. During her law school career she interned at the National Day Laborer Organizing network where she was able to travel to Arizona to assist undocumented individuals in expunging their records.  She also interned with the Racial Justice Program of the ACLU in New York where she worked on impact litigation cases regarding racial profiling, debtors prison and school to prison pipeline issues. 
Cristina also took advantage of the public service opportunities and clinics her school offered. She participated in the Community Lawyering clinic as a student and later as a TA where she assisted Cal State Northridge students in legal questions or concerns they had which included Immigrantion issues and housing rights issues. She was also a clinical student in the Youth Offender Parole Hearing clinic where she help assist the supervising attorneys in two cases involving individuals who had been incarcerated as youth and now serving life sentences. She also was Chair of the National Lawyers Guild as well as the Homelessness Prevntion Law Project of Southwestern. 
She is a recipient of her law school's Public Interest Law Service Award and she has proudly accepted a post bar clerkship with the Los Angeles County Public Defenders Office. She hopes to continue helping the community that saw her grow and contributed to the person she is today. 
“My parents always taught me to stay true to my roots. I am proud of being a first generation Salvi-Mexican. My culture is my foundation. Without my community, I would not have made it here.”