Featured Lawtina: Carla Caballero

Powerful stories are being shared us and you every day here at LawtinaJD.com. We are so honored to hear the stories of so many amazing Lawtinx. Today's Featured Lawtina is Carla Caballero! Congratulations in all your accomplishments and thank you for all you do! 

"You are Mexican!?" "You don't look Mexican.", is the question I always get when I meet someone. I'm Mexican, Mexicans come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Some have white skin, some have blond hair, some have brown hair, some have blue eyes, some have brown, some are tall and some are short. Just like Americans. I have both a Mexican and American passport, and I am proud of who I am and where I'm from. I will be graduating law school with less than 10 Latinas out of a class of almost 200 - this makes me even more proud of my roots. My family is from Mexico, and I grew up in San Diego, CA, the border of Tijuana, Mexico. Spanish was my first language and it's still the language I speak the most. Growing up in a border city, opened my eyes to the importance of immigration and value of immigrants in the United States. I strongly believe that this country has flourished from the fact that it has drawn people from all over the world. However, anti-immigrant sentiment deeply troubles me. One of my favorites quotes if from Chief Justice John Roberts which says, "From time to time, in the years to come, I wish that you will be treated unfairly so that you will come to know the value of justice." The law is one of the most powerful tools to enforce and shape justice for those that do not have it. This is why I became a lawyer. At New York Law School, I am a staff member of the New York Law School Law Review, a Harlan Scholar, Member of the Dean's Leadership Council, and Social Chair of the Immigration Law Students Association. I was part of the Safe Passage Project which provides free legal services to refugee and immigrant children who face deportation back to life-threatening situations. After law school, I will be working in a Business Immigration firm in New York. I am drawn to this field because I feel that you are always giving back to the community by helping clients achieve their own "American Dream."