Featured Lawtina: Candi Angeles

Candi Ángeles is a student from UDC Law school. She is a single mom and is interested crimmigration (criminal and immigration law combined). She is also interested in “saving the world” like many might feel when attending law school, she jokes. Her emphasis is in helping women who have been victims of domestic violence. She wants to become an attorney because she did not see many minorities or women in the criminal justice system, but specifically in the county where she grew up. She wants to make a difference! If she were to give advice to her younger self  it would be “follow your dreams, no matter where you come from, or  background. We are not products of our environment. We are products of the seeds we plant in ourselves. The seeds to succeed.”


Candi will be taking the Maryland Bar this summer and we wish her the best of luck and cheer her on!