Featured Lawtina: Amanda G. Gomez

“My name is Amanda Gomez and I’m a 2L at St. Thomas University in Miami, FL. I was born and raised in Miami, but I am the proud daughter of Colombian and Ecuadorian immigrants. I feel so lucky to be able to call myself a first generation law student because I am a reflection of all the hard work and dedication my family members before me invested in order to thrive in this country, striving for a better future. Attending law school gradually became a goal of mine throughout my time at Florida State University for undergrad because I felt that being an attorney would enable me to live my passions while also giving me a platform to help people with issues that are difficult to navigate without a thorough understanding of the law. 

I am currently a 2L SBA senator and a member-candidate on both the Journal of Complex Litigation and the Trial Team at STU Law. Even in my second year in law school, I am still becoming aware of my strengths, weaknesses, and even discovering new skills I never knew I possessed. One of the skills I’ve discovered is my ability to litigate in a courtroom; I recently competed in the Florida National Trial Advocacy Tournament with my trial team and we won the National Championship! My long term goal was always to be a transactional real estate attorney, only going to court if absolutely necessary. Now, with this newfound interest in litigation, I’m realizing that I might want to be in a courtroom someday and advocate for what I believe in. So far, I’ve interned for the 11th Judicial Circuit in the Criminal Division and at the City of Miami Office of Zoning; I hope to gain experience at a private firm next. 

My goals and expectations for myself are still ever growing, and if I could tell my younger self one thing, it would be to not be afraid of the unknown and to get out of my comfort zone because growth and comfort do not coexist.”

Thank you for sharing about you, Amanda! Congratulations to you and your team! Truly, you are un orgullo to our community!