Featured Lawtina: Alejandra Martínez Perdomo

We are amazed that LawtinaJD.com is reaching accross international connections! We have our first attorney outside of the U.S.! Welcome, and thank you for submitting your story. We love what you do! 

Alejandra Martínez Perdomo is an attorney in Uruguay, and she is a 24-year-old lawyer.
She graduated from Law School at University of the Republic last year, November 27, and is specializing in Animal Law. Below is tells us why she chose animal law, and what becoming a Lawtina means to her. 

“I believe this path isn’t chosen, but it chooses you. I was really young when I discovered which my place was meant to be, but it wasn’t until I graduated that I knew what it really translates into.

Coming from a small family made me understand that studying isn’t just a commitment but also a privilege. However, the true miracle happens when you realize why you are here.

Twenty years ago I faced an act of cruelty from a man towards a horse; from that time, something was born inside my soul, something which made me take action. Something I wouldn’t be able to ignore for the rest of my life until forever.

That moment I promised one day I would speak for animals, that I would put into our language the things they express by their look. Keeping my word, I wrote an analysis of Animal Law in Uruguay, as a final project of my next to last year at Law School.

It was so empowering taking that step, that on my last year as a student I prepared another study and I finally presented it at an International Congress of Civil Law. For my surprise, more and more people became interested in the area, learning from my words a passion on behalf of the voiceless.

It wasn’t easy; it’s not even nowadays. Cruelty towards animals continues existing, while I’m writing and while you’re reading. I believe this struggle enforces us in a different way; it makes us overcome difficulties without noticing. We may not be able of saving every life, but every life worths our love and profession.

A few years ago I thought it wouldn’t be able for me to graduate due to my TOC and personal problems going on; today I’m honoured to have reached my first goal and to feel more strong than ever for struggling for this beautiful cause.

To my younger self: trust in surviving every tide while surrounded by a family that loves you with no limits; those are the keys for keeping your dreams alive.

Thank you to this beautiful page for this opportunity. You’re really empowering and a truly honour.”


Thank YOU for sharing with us, Alejandra!