Spring 2020 Esquired Celebration- submit now!

As an initiative to celebrate our community, we’re inviting you to participate in the “Esquired Celebration!”
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many states are rescheduling or doing online ceremonies. Because of this, we want to celebrate with you and your loved ones online. Taking and passing the bar exam is a huge accomplishment, and we are inviting you to participate in our virtual celebration. 
On May 1, 2020, we will be publishing an article and video dedication of Lawtinx who passed the bar exam this Spring 2020. If you would like a full article, please read below. These full articles will feature your full story, and will be published through the months of May and June 2020. 
To participate in the video celebration follow the next steps: 
To participate in the video show follow these steps:
  • Email LawtinaStories@gmail.com 
  • Use the title "esquired celebration" and your name
  • Submit 1 (one) photo
  • Submit your state name of bar admission 
  • Submit the field of law you will be practicing 
If you’d like to have a full feature, please follow the next steps and submit the following information: 
  • Email LawtinaStories@gmail.com 
  • Use the title "esquired story" and your name
  • Submit up to 2 photos- make sure you have permission of other members in the photos as needed
  • Submit your featured story- 1500 words of less. Include your name, title, school and awards, origin story summary, your struggles and how you overcame these, and any advice you have for future generations 
Congratulations on passing the bar exam! We are so proud of you!