Reminder: Submit Your Information for Graduation Video Celebration

DEADLINE 04/30/2020
Celebration Day 05/09/2020
Сlass of 2020- with the unforeseeable circumstances, causing postponing your graduation- we felt it was important to acknowledge you and all you have earned. Graduating college and law school are huge milestones in our communities and families.
Note: This event is open to any an all degree types. 
Therefore, we invite you to participate in our video celebration! 
On May 9th 2020, we will feature you in a video and an online article for you to view and share with your loved ones.
To participate in the video show follow these steps:
  • Email 
  • Use the title "video celebration" and your name
  • Submit 1 (one) photo
  • Submit your school name
  • Submit your degree(s)
  • Submit your honors (if any)
If you would like to have your own article published with your story, you can also submit  your story with up to 3 photos (including family with their permission), and we will  publish these through the month of May and June 2020. 
To publish your own article follow these steps: 
  • Email 
  • Use the title "graduation article" and your name
  • Submit up to 3 (three) photos- if you want your family member(s) in your article, please make sure you have their permission. 
  • Submit your story- your story should be 1500 words of less, include your name, origin story, school and awards, graduation semester and year, how you overcame struggles, and advice you would like to provide to future generations. 
We hope to make Latinx visible, feel empowered, and celebrate you and your families for all you have done!
Submit all items by 04/30/2020.