Cafecito Time Session 6: A Conversation About COVID-19 with a Latina Registered Nurse

Before I speak about today's cafecito, know this: We are in this together. The pandemic has placed us all in positions we did not expect. Today's guest, Martha Salmon, RN, is a Latina Registered Nurse who discussed with us what we need to know about COVID-19, how it is impacting our community, and what you can do if you or a family member is diagnosed. We also gave words of encouragement to our community, and we are happy to see another fellow Latina serving her community so well.- Cindy 


About our guest: 

Martha Salmon has been a nurse for 10+ years and is currently working as a Pediatric Transplant nurse in Los Angeles. She started as an LVN when she was 20 years old and realized that being the first college graduate it was important to return to school to pursue her RN. Even though she was married with two kids by the time she was 22, she knew that continuing her education could not be something to put off. Martha has most of her nursing experience in pediatrics, but has worked with the adult population and in dialysis. She is currently enrolled in a Masters of Science in Nursing- Public Health program to learn how to better serve the community around her. 

Martha is also the creator and founder of: Latina, RN. This community was created to inspire and encourage more Latinas into the healthcare field. Many of us are first generation college students and we should take pride in the hard work we’ve put in to get where we are! Latina, RN was always more than a shirt, it has always been a movement. In fact, we are quickly growing to encompass Latinos and everyone in the Latinx community. Latina, RN has high hopes in making make you feel inspired by what you find in this community. We hope you make connections with fellow RNs. We hope you wear this merch proudly because, YOU did it.

Latina, RN makes it a point to share everyone’s journey to RN. We all have a different story, but there is always someone out there who can relate and needs to read your story to give them that encouragement to keep going.