Cafecito Time Session 2: LSAT & Law School Applications

On Monday April 13, 2020 I sat down to interview Columbia Law Student Doreen Benyamin, a law student seeking to help pre-law students prepare for the LSAT. 

Below is our recorded YouTube video. Check it out and share with your favorite pre-law students! - Cindy 




About Our Guest: 

Doreen is a 3L (third year) at Columbia Law School, and increased her LSAT score from a 148 to 174. She created @BeforeYouTaketheLSAT, a community focused on providing insight into the the legal profession, including from pre-law/LSAT to post-graduation/careers within and beyond law. Throughout law school, she has served in various roles, including in student government, externships, clinics, and as a TA. She is looking forward to speaking more the Lawtina community!