Cafecito Time Session 13: Becoming an Immigration Attorney

I met with immigration attorney Vanessa Alonso where we discussed working in immigration law, her experience as a very young law school graduate, why she chose to become an immigration attorney, tips and advice to those thinking of working in immigration law and more! - Cindy 


About our guest: 

Hi Lawtinas! My name is Vanessa Rae Alonso and I am a 35 year old successful law firm owner, immigration attorney, wife and mother of 3. My life is officially the lyrics to the Drake song. “Started from the bottom now we here!” I was raised by a young but very strong 15 year old single mother. We grew up and overcame most of everything together including poverty. I finished my bachelor’s quickly and started law school at 21 years old. I was smart but knew nothing about politics, economics and was barely hanging on to the complexity of the class discussions around me. During law school summers I worked for a non-profit that provided legal outreach to migrant farmworkers. I fell in love with the clients. I felt at home conversing with them in Spanish. The aromas from the food cooked in their housing units reminded me of home when I was so far away from everything I loved. I felt like I found my place. By the grace of god and grit I passed law school and the bar exam on my first try. I have served the immigrant community ever since. I currently own a small practice with my husband and together we provide removal defense, family based immigration, asylum, citizenship, criminal defense and much more, all tailored to our Spanish speaking Latino clients in Texas.