Cafecito Time Session 10: Landing a TEDX Talk

In November 2019, I had the uniqure opportunity to share my story and my big ideas about creating Official Lawtina in front of 300 people in Evansville, Indiana. My hometown in Indiana is small, and there is very little diversity. Although radical, I needed to share my story. I met Leslie during that time, and she picked me to coach. I want to see YOU sharing your story on stage, in whatever platform you'd like. I look forward to having more representation of Latinxs on TEDx like platforms because I know our community is able to light a fire so big, we will change the world. I hope you find this video helpful! - Cindy 


About our guest: 

Leslie Eades owns and operates City Social Events in Evansville, Indiana, a craft and heart driven company that creates and logistically executes event experiences in her community. Through her personal and professional life she strives to influence those around her to create an environment where we can love ourselves and utilize our strengths to better the world around us, together. She is a creative dreamer at heart who seeks out challenges as opportunity and while she’s not at the office or an event, you can find her rock climbing, running, obstacle course racing, bear crawling, and in general training for “life”. 
View my TEDxEvansville talk here: