Practicing Self-Care Surrounded by Ambiguity (Plus Resources)

Practicing Self-Care Surrounded by Ambiguity Plus Resources

By Cindy Petrov Alfaro, CEO and Founder

During this very difficult time, we can often feel overwhelmed and fearful. I know, personally, having control of a situation can help me feel empowered but when something is out of my control, there's an anxious feeling that is difficult to escape. Sometimes I wonder if law school minded friends feel the same way because we are trained to think of solutions quickly and effectively, but what happens when it's all up in the air? Ambiguous situations makes us pause and just wait while a million scenarios play in our head because we really want to problem solve. Sometimes, we just can't solve an issue. That frustrates me. 

We are stronger as a community. Know that I care, and all Lawtinx in our community can help each other by maintaining a positive message. We are a resilient people, and as a believer- I can say "con Dios todo se puede" because my mom reminds me this daily. I believe we can overcome this together. 

During this difficult time, our heart, thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by COVID-19. Together we’ll through all of this! Keep strong! Love your loved ones, laugh together, take this time to care for one another. We support all small businesses that are putting their heart and soul in what they believe in. We’re with you!  

Among the chaos I'd like to show you some ways you can support yourself before you help anyone else, then you can share that love with our families and community. This post is divided into three sections. First, I am sharing some organizing tips that have worked for me. These have helped me move forward from worry into action. Secondly, I am sharing some mental health-care ideas that worked for me during law school and during some of the most difficult times in life. Third, I am sharing ways you can make money while working from home. I love you guys. I hope this helps and know we’re all in this together.

Organizing Among the Chaos

First, take a deep breath and accept we can't control everything around us but “we can control how we react.” Then, remember you are not alone. 

Spend time praying or meditating.

Make a list of all your worries, and throw-it in the trash. I ripped mine, and sometimes I've even just watched it burn in a bowl. Note: Make sure you practice safe burning practices. 

Then, pump yourself up. Make a list of the various hats you wear. I made a grid on a $1 piece of cardboard from the Dollar Tree. For me, that grid looked like this: "Family/Lawtina /Work/Side Hustle/Giving Back to the Community projects"

Seeing a grid like order with tasks to complete helped. I hope it helps you too. 

Then I prioritized my task list and set realistic deadlines. As one of my favorite practices to do when working for a law firm, I gave myself 3 days earlier deadlines to make sure I have things completed on a timely fashion and I can double check my work. So, if I have a deadline for a Wednesday, I set myself a deadline for a Sunday or Friday (usually I did not work Sundays while in law school or working for a law firm). 

Not everything can work this way, I understand, but it does help see what your priorities are and what you need to put aside until you can tackle the next task. 

A Few Health-Care Tips

  • Take a bath (I grew up in a shower-only culture) but really taking a bath with fake dollar tree lights, some bubbles soap, bath salt, closing the toilet lid, and pulling the curtain away with the lights off--- helps you really clear the mind. Listen to your favorite relaxation music and even give yourself a break with some wine if you can. 
  • Dance in the comfort of your own kitchen, bedroom-- everywhere! I had to put on some salsa and merengue because self-isolation has been hard. It really is scientifically proven that music waves can change how your body feels (I can't cite it! But you could look it up). While in law school and after graduation, I realized that I had learned to live without music because of how much work and studying I put in, but now I have learned to consciously turn on music. 
  • If you can go for a walk, do it. I've been more mindful by turning my phone on sleep mode and putting it in a pocket. It's been good for me. I hope that helps you. 
  • Write a blog. If you can afford to buy your own website, do it. If not, start by having a free plan on Wix or something similar. Writing down your emotions, even if you don't share them with anyone at first- can really help you figure things out. For me, writing this blog is helping me so much. 

Job opportunities and ideas to make money online: 

  • Indeed just sent an email about places hiring remotely
  • Download the app "remotely"- sometimes you can find freelance jobs there
  • Fiverr-- it's free to be a freelancer there. If you can do legal document translations, or anything else you're talented at doing, you can list your services there. 
  • Become a freelance paralegal. I am still figuring this one out for myself, but I'd imagine that many firms still need support. 
  • If you like to teach English and have a bachelor's degree, you can sign-up to teach on VIPKID. They pay between $14-$22 an hour depending on your qualifications and experience teaching. 
  • Write content for large companies with blogs. Essentially a freelance writer. I am fairly new to this, so I can't provide much information. Here is a link that may help.  

I hope this helps you. If you have any questions, you can always reach me at 

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