April's Timeline for College Senior Students going into Law School

What should your timeline look like in April as law school approaches?

This is an exciting time! You've worked hard, you're probably already heard from law schools regarding your acceptance, or will hear soon! Check out our four tips of how your timeline should look like now! 


1. Evaluate with a Pros and Cons List for all your law schools: 

If you're a visual or tactile learner, you may benefit from making a pros/cons list on a piece of paper. Make the categories that matter to you. For example: finances, location, the rank of the school, types of programs they offer (consider searching any additional certifications you can complete), any additional value of the school, etc. Deciding on a law school is an important choice that should not be made lightly, but do not stress over it. You've made it this far! If you cannot make up your mind, consider speaking with family and friends. Sometimes, even if you may not agree with them, talking through this list may ease the stress of making a large decision. 

2. Prepare for Law School: 

How do I prepare for law school? Don't I get some time off before? Of course, you deserve a good break from school-- but know that law school is a different ball game. Most students are as stellar as you, and all will be competing against class ranking. Especially as a Latinx, we suggest you shine brightly by preparing early!

Some of you may already come from a pre-law background or have experience in the legal field as a paralegal or legal assistant. For those without experience in preparing and studying for law school, we suggest learning the basics of briefing a case law, outlining, how to study for law school exams, preparing for an exam and scheduling study time. If you need help, consider one of our programs in the "Services" section of our website! We are here to help you through it! 

Besides preparing academically, we suggest you begin setting some money aside for those hidden costs of law school-- such as purchasing study aids, study cards, or attending law school events. A post will follow soon regarding the "hidden costs of law school." 

3. Visit law schools you've been accepted into if you have not done so yet: 

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS LAWTINX! YOU'RE IN! Now take a moment to smile, and be proud of your self! We are excited for you! 

Traveling to law schools is so exciting and fun! We consider seeing the location, inspecting the premises to see where you will be studying and mostly living in the next three or four years. Consider the surrounding area for living expenses, distance, and study spots. Also, meeting professors early, and approaching them is key (if possible). We suggest you get to know staff members in the law school as they will provide resources you may need later. Enjoy the tour, and tell us about it! Send us a picture to share! We are so excited for you! 

4. Once you decide on the law school, send that acceptance letter! 

[STANDING OVATION] BRAVO! BRAVO! We are so incredibly excited for you! This is your moment of glory! Now, do not forget the steps required to accept the admissions slot, such as the fee to reserve your spot. Be careful to be up-to-date with your communication with the law school you choose. Also, do not forget to send your letter of rejections to the remaining law schools where you have an offer or waitlist. 

If you have any questions, want to submit your moment of glory photo, or want to submit an article for publication-- email us at OfficialLawtina@gmail.com